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Influencer Management

Pixel1920 shall connect your brand to relevant social media influencers through close collaborations with Digital Influencers, Bloggers, Stand up comics, Actors & more helping your carefully crafted message reach relevant audiences. 

Social Listening

There are always 3 sides to a Business story Yours, Customers & the Truth. Pixel1920 allows you to understand What your customers are talking about, What they think, How they feel & What they need from your business.

Marketing Analytics

Every platform throws data at you. We turn that data into insight. We manage and study metrics data in order to determine the ROI of marketing efforts like Calls-To-action (CTAs), Blog posts, Channel performance.

Marketing Automation

Personalised 1-on-1 communication is the future of digital marketing. We help you Plan, Implement, Manage & Execute your Marketing Automation solutions.

Strategic Communications

Our experts will design data-driven campaigns to drive Customer awareness & engagement. Engagements which will focus on Influencing behaviours & Brand reputation. We can measure results & generate insights to break through your audience & achieve your long term goals.

The ‘X factor' company

Growth is Guaranteed !

Want to create comprehensive experiences from Start to finish? Restore the Balance between your Brand & your Customers.

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